Ok, so I thought I should get this out of the way as it is one of the most painful, stressful and annoying things I have ever had to go through.


If you don’t know, GCSE’s are exams that every student in Year 11 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have to do before they leave. There is a lot (and I mean A LOT) of preparation before these exams.

Revision is possibly the worst part of this. Wasting your home time looking at a book and trying as hard as you can to understand what it means, then trying to remember absolutely everything for the exam.

Then there’s the teachers. They get just as stressed as the students, especially when the students aren’t taking it seriously. They begin to set loads of homework, they get more strict, they give out more punishments. Recently, my chemistry teacher said he is giving us a test on Monday, and if we don’t do well, he will give us a detention!

Hang on! That means that he is threatening to give us a detention (which is obviously a form of punishment) if we a struggling! That is, in no way, fair towards us. Instead of saying ‘detention’ he could say ‘Extra help’. See? That sounds a lot nice and more helpful. Saying ‘detention’ puts pressure on us, and then makes us panic during the exam!

As you may have guessed, I don’t like my Chemistry teacher.

I do, however, like my English teacher. She is so very kind, so very helpful, and so very boring. Ok, I know that shounds like a bad thing, but because she repeats the same thing over and over and over again until we want to kill ourselves, we remember it a lot more! It’s simple.

Having a bad or good teacher really does affect your grades.

English: B+

Chemistry: D

I have seriously given up on chemistry. I hate it so much!

Other subjects I am doing for GCSE’s are:

Maths (Neutral)

Media (Enjoy)

Geography (Neutral)

Physics (Neutral)

Biology (Enjoy)

and of course Engish (Enjoy) and Chemistry (Despise!)

Apart from Chemistry, I’m doing pretty well with my GCSE’s. And that’s just about all my thoughts on them.

 Have a fun life! 🙂


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  1. L

    Oh my God, I hate Chemistry too! My Chemistry teacher is an absolute nightmare: she races through the lessons at such speed that I haven’t got time to even write notes, let alone understand the concept that she’s explaining. I love English: my teacher has the perfect balance of fair and pushing us on. GCSEs are indeed stressful, but they’ll be over soon; I’m looking forward to mine in two years time [argh]. I don’t think that threatening you with a punishment is right – it’s almost as if she wants you to fail! The more punishments she dishes out, especially for things like doing badly in a test, the less approachable she becomes, and therefore the less helpful she is, no?


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