My future

I want to become famous. Who doesn’t?

But I have a plan.

I know it seems a bit of a far fetched dream, but I want to be know for my ‘talents’. Ones of which is acting. I love pretending to be someone else. To know what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes, to live a different life once in a while. I joined a theatre group three years ago and I have enjoyed every moment, the only problem is the singing. I want to be an actor, not a singer.

Unfortunately, I’ve never had a lead role in the shows as all the lead roles always need to sing at least one song on their own. So I prefer to be a background actor and act my heart out. So far I’ve been in about 7 shows. Some of them I’ve had pretty good parts. But I really want to be a film star, not on stage.

When I watch ‘behind the scenes’ on TV the actors all look really happy, and that they’re having the best time ever! I want to join them.

My other dream is to be a famous author. At the moment I’m writing a book about a terrorist group who capture children and send them to a island when monster-robots track them down and kill them until only three are left. But I’m concerned it’s too similar to The Hunger Games. Is it?

I used to write stories about a chicken called Nugget (cruel I know) who goes on lots of adventures. I was about 10 when I started and sadly lost them all when my mums laptop crashed. Nugget was a real chicken, my pet chicken. Who sadly died a few years ago now. But I still love her.

I have other dreams to. I want my first ‘proper’ job to be a runner. They’re sort of like slaves on film sets. Giving drinks, towels and other things to the actors after a hard days work. I would then like to become a camera man. To be able to follow the film and, when watching the film back, know that it wouldn’t look as good if I didn’t hold that camera.

We should all dream.

Have a fun life! 🙂


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  1. L

    I like to act as well, although I’m really not any good at it, and had to quit drama classes because of other commitments. Dreaming is always good, but you should never dismiss dreams: anything’s possible [it’s not cliché], so long as you have the passion, determination and patience to make it work out. Still loving the blog 😀


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