My sexuality 

This is probably the most difficult part of my life.

At first, I was certain that I was straight. I fancied girls at school and everything. But then I started looking at guys on TV or guys walking down the street. I also began searching famous men’s bodies on Google Images.

I didn’t want to be gay. I didn’t want to be the first gay person in the family. I felt like I would let them down.

One thing that made me think that I was not gay was the fact that I didn’t have a crush on any guys at school. I wasn’t sure so I took a gay test on Google, they said that I was something like 40% gay. That sounded about right.

But it all changed when I began to have a crush on a girl at school, and I mean s proper crush. I really liked her – and I still do.

So am I bisexual? To begin with that sounded right. But it still felt uncomfortable to consider myself 50% gay. So I researched.

I’m sure you all know who Josh Hutcherson is. The guy of many girls’ dreams. I look up to him as he is very similar to me. He is quite short. He is kind and has a good sense of humour, and he considers himself “mostly straight”.

Wow, ok, someone who is similar to me!

I carried on reading about him, and I found out that he thinks that it is wrong to categorise ourselves as gay, straight or bi. This is called “Gender Neutral”.

Gender Neutral also means that you consider yourself straight, but you still have ‘sexual interactions’ with the same gender. And that’s when I found out who I was.

I am Jake, and I am gender neutral.
This was a really hard topic to talk about, but i’m glad that i got to share it with the world. 

Have a fun life! 🙂



  1. Elm

    It’s awesome that you’ve talked about it 🙂 Don’t be scared, or anything. No one’s going to judge you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for your support. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Elm

        Any time! 🙂 And if you need to chat, let me know.


  2. L

    It’s really difficult to discuss topics like this: i’m currently at a stage where i’m completely confused about my sexuality, but currently classify myself as bi. I think that it’s brilliant that you can talk about this, even if it is on your blog and not to your family, for example. Getting it out there can really help, and there are loads of people on here who will always offer you advice and support. X


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