High School Hauntings

I believe in ghosts. 100%. And there is one in my school.

Opening doors, seeing figures, whispers. All of this, people have witnessed since the beginning of my school life.

Apparently he’s called Oliver. A soldier or student who continues to walk up and down the corridor between the toilets and the Head of English’s office. A teacher – I’m not sure which one – says that they have seen him multiple times. Pretty spooky.

I’ve witnessed it, too. Once, while in a biology lesson, the door fully opened all by its own. Everyone waited for someone to enter the room but they never did. Creeped out, a student checked to see if someone had done a ‘knock and run’, but no one seemed to be around. This was my first experience. It could have been the wind, but the doors are pretty big and heavy. And I’m pretty sure all the windows were shut as there is a wasps nest just outside.

My second experience was just me. It was terrifying. I was in English, getting on with my work. When I heard someone whisper something in my ear. I turned around, thinking it was the teacher giving me advice. But here was no one there. I can’t really remember what the voice said but it was very clear.

My house it haunted, too. Once, I was looking in the mirror, when I saw a black figure crouched down on the stairs, as if they were hiding behind the bannister. As few other creepy things have happend, too.

During Christmas, I was sat on the armchair and my brother was sat on the sofa, when a group of Christmas decorations on the tree suddenly started moving, as if someone had just kicked them (as they were close to the bottom of the tree).

Finally, me and my brother also saw someones trousers, folded over the banisters ready to be taken upstairs, get flicked up violently. We both saw it and we were both extremely confused.

Anyway, that’s all my ghost experiences. Do you have any?

Have a fun life! 🙂


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  1. L

    I’m not sure if I believe in ghosts or not. If you’d asked me several years ago, I would have denied that there were any such things as ghosts, but recently I’ve noticed more and more stories like the ones you have described here, and they’ve made me think. I’m really not sure, but I don’t think I’ve had any ghostly experiences myself. X


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