Bullies :(

We all know what these creatures are, don’t we? The cowards who take their anger out on people who may not be as popular, strong or as confident as them.

I’ve been bullied multiple times in the past. It’s never been too serious, but enough to upset me.

I got picked on as soon as I stepped for into High School for being the smallest in the year. People – especially boys in the year above – would point and laugh, occasionally called me ‘shorty’ or ‘midget’. I’d never been bullied before, so this really scared me so I told my mum. She said I should ignore them to show that it’s not upsetting me so that the bullies will eventually get bored and move on.

It kinda worked. They would still laugh at me, though. One boy once started pushing me around when we were going to class. When I walked past a door that students shouldn’t got through, he shoved me into it and said “Aww! You shouldn’t go in there!” Luckily my brother saw this and confronted him. It made me laugh to see him look so pathetic. This sort of bullying continued until the end my 4th year at High School.  But it is nothing compared to what other kids have to go through.

In year 8, I got bullied pretty harshly in Maths when the teacher changed the ‘seating plan’. She put me next to a popular girl. She was only popular because she scared everyone.

The first lesson was ok. I got on with my work while she gossiped to her girlfriends. But in the second lesson, she started trying to force me to swear. I hate swearing so I refused. When she realised I was putting up a fight she began to draw on my work. She wrote ‘swear swear swear’ on the corner or ‘F****** swear!” And other comments like that. I quickly scribbled them out. But when she saw me do that she stole my book and said I’m not allowed to do any work until a swore. I still refused.

After what seemed like hours, the lesson finally finished. I decided to not tell anyone about what happened in case she found out and hurt me even more.

In our next lesson, she did the same thing. She took my work, shoved her work informant of me and told me to do her work instead. She also began spraying me with her perfume (which could have seriously affected my breathing if I was asthmatic). One of her ‘followers’ noticed and told her to stop. I’m not sure if she was being sarcastic or not but the bully continued.

You’re probably wondering how the teacher didn’t see any of this, it’s because the whole class was uncontrollable and we sere sat at the very back of the classroom.

When that lesson finished, I finally gave in and told the teacher. I was at the verge of tears but the teacher understood and said that I was one of her star students. She said that she will talk to the bullies parents at parents evening and move her some place else in the classroom.

The bully would give me dirty looks after that, she even said ‘This is all your fault!’, but she never did anything mean to me again. 

That’s all my sort about bullies and how I beat them! You can too! Just tell someone and show that you are not afraid of them!
Have a fun life! 🙂


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  1. L

    This is such a great post, as it shows that bullies can be beaten, and that people being bullied don’t have to suffer in silence. I’ve been bullied: i’m a blind, non-stereotypical, potentially bisexual male [unfortunately] at an all-boys secondary school – it’s to be expected, I suppose. I followed the popular advice: “ignore them”, as your mum told you. It kind of worked, I buess, but i’m farfrom popular at school. But I’m just fine with that.


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