Monthly Archives: August, 2016


Since coming out to myself as heteroflexible, I have notice that a lot of people are against the term. Some say we’re just biphobic or in denial. We’re not. Heteroflexible means mostly straight. No one is 100% straight or gay. So in other words, everyone is Heteroflexible or Homoflexible. Another thing that people say about …

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My Sexuality III

Ok ok. So in my last ‘my sexuality’ post, I stated that I am straight. Which, in a way is true. However after much more research, I found out who I truly, truly am. I am Heteroflexible. Yeah I know it’s a mouthful. But I really do think that this is who I am. It …

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My Role Model

We all have a role model, someone to look up to. It’s great to have one, they keep your hopes high. Who is my role model? Well for a long time is was YouTubers, people who became famous from doing next to nothing. I still think they are great, hilarious and inspirational. But my role …

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