50 facts about me

Here we go:

1: I live in England

2: I own a Jack Russell

3: I’m oddly obsessed with the RMS Titanic

4: I take Media Studies, Photography and English Language as AS level and A level

5: I have an older brother

6: I have a younger sister

7: My favourite movie is The Hunger Games

8: My favourite game is Minecraft

9: I have no label

10: My favourite YouTuber range from Stampy Cat to Miranda Sings

11: I don’t like tomatoes

12: I have social anxiety

13: I hated school

14: I passed all my GCSE’s

15: My favourite TV show is The Big Bang Theory

16: My favourite actor is Josh Hutcherson

17: I tried sending him fan mail but I did it wrong


18: I go to a theatre club

19: I have been in 8 of their shows so far

20: I can dance (ish)

21: I lip sync like a pro

22: I can ‘crack’ my eyelids

23: I would like to act in a horror movie

24: I like being alone

25: I am a pro ‘awkward dancer’

26: I have long eyelashes

27: I love hoodies

28: I don’t smoke

29: I share a room with my brother

30: My favourite holiday is Christmas

31: I’m slightly OCD

32: My favourite animal is a dog

33: I have my breakfast a night

34: I believe in ghosts

35: I believe in aliens

36: My favourite music genre is Musical

37: In year 4 I wet myself on stage

38: I’m scared of clowns

39: My favourite number is 12

40: I don’t drink alcohol often

41: I would like to go to Canada

42: I would like to be an actor

43: I have one brown eye and ones greeny-brown eye

44: I’m an animal lover

45: I’m for equality

46: I am prone to spelling errors

47: My favourite emoji is 😋

48: I hate spending money

49: I have size 8 feet

50: I need the toilet

Have a fun life! :)<<



  1. Lol look see I’m your new biggest fan. I share oh so many of these with you. Long eyelashes? Ha now I kind of want to see how long they are. Ha And I’d like to hear the full story of why you peed yourself. 😋

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    • Ha ha… ok.

      I don’t know how long my eyelashes are exactly, but they’re long enough for people to think I wear mascara.

      Now for the stage incident. I was, like, 7 or 8. For some reason I hated going to the toilets in school. So for the finale of the show (it was a harvest festival), I really needed to pee. Then… it happened. The boy next to me surprisingly was very kind about it. When anyone else asked why it was wet, I said that water somehow gushed up a hole in the stage. I think the teacher knew I peed myself but because she was central stage she just pretended to believe my story.

      There, now you need to share an embarrassing story. Ha ha.

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      • Aww. That’s kind of adorable. Ugh I hated to use the bathroom at school. When I was in high school I would just leave, go home and go to the bathroom and then sneak back into school.
        Embarrassing moment??? That’s a tough one. Probably when I was that same age my family was on vacation and I was acting like a idiot and annoying my sister and I must of been acting up because some other tourist thought I was mentally retarded and was asking my parents how they handled me. Lol lol know who would even ask complete strangers if their child was mentally retarded. That was so long ago, that label isn’t even politically correct anymore. Lol.
        My name is Steve.. I am from the USA.. chicago specifically.

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      • Ha ha, you must have been acting very oddly to have people question your mental health!!

        You probably know but I’m Jake, from England. The NW specifically. 🙂


      • Apparently. My sister still gives me crap about it to this day. Ha ha nice to meet you Jake. So I can now happily say that I’m a gay 39 your old male who has been with my partner for 11 years. I have been in your shoes and have had many of the same struggles but I eventually figured out who I was going to be and you will too… if you haven’t already. Like I said before, if you need to vent, ask questions, cry, ha I’m here. How’s your weekend going? Any fun plans?

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      • Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it. And I’m glad you’re in a happy relationship.

        Well on Sunday I’m going to rehearse for a show I’m currently acting in. It’s called Back To The 80’s. I’m going to be there from 1pm to 5pm. The show itself is in February. I’m kinda nervous because it’s the first time I have a main role (kinda)…


      • Thanks! Well congrats!! That’s awesome. Talk about tackling your social anxiety. You will do great. What’s the story line ?


      • It’s kinda like Glee. It’s about the guy looking back at his school life in the 80’s, and how he loved this girl but she loved the ‘popular guy’ (I play on of his friends) but then there is also the side story of how he bullies the new girl…
        The music is all the 80’s hits, like Material Girls, Video Killed the Radio Star and Foot Loose.

        The story is on Wikipedia if you search ‘Back To The 80’s: A totally Awesome Musical’

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      • That does sound awesome. To bad I’m on the other side of the pond…. or I would come and see it. So you must have friends from your theater group don’t you? Theater folk are usually a pretty tight group

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      • Yeah, I’m actually in a Facebook group chat with some of them. It’s the first time someone added me to a group chat so it was pretty exciting.
        I’d love to chat some more but it’s now midnight here in England. Thanks for the chat and the boost in confidence. 🙂


      • Aww congrats. Any time. Sweet dreams Jake

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