Let’s be happy!

I’ve realised that my past few posts have been rather negative. So I am going to share with you all of the good things that have happened to me in 2016.

Let’s start with the most important: GCSE’s. The exams themselves were torture, but the feeling of finished each one was amazing. Not having to go to that lesson anymore and crossing off them lessons on my timetable. But of course, the most important of all would be the last exam. My third Physics paper. The thought that I never have to do science ever again. Leaving the exam room, getting my bag and signing out at the school entrance for the final time was a sensational experience. I hated school. I never looked back. I never said goodbye to anyone. They didn’t care, I didn’t care. 

Then there was results day. I was absolutely certain that I failed maths and all sciences. I was dreading opening the envelope as seeing the D’s and E’s. But to my surprise, I saw B’s and C’s. Of course I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get any A’s or A*’s. Especially when the head of English basically garunteed me one. But the fact that I passed everything filled me with joy! I couldn’t quite understand how I passed maths. It must have been the pages of 1 markers because I’m sure I failed the longer ones. But at that moment, I knew I was getting into the college I always wanted to go to.

That leads on to the long summer break. It was the longest time off education I’ve ever had since I was a baby. It was amazing, so free. I was home alone a lot. As you know, I like that. I watched episode upon episode of Pretty Little Liars, I played with my dog, I burned all of my school books. And when I went on holiday with my family, I went on my first suspended rollercoaster. It was great. But sadly, a few weeks afterwards, my grandad passed away after multiple strokes. But let’s not talk about that.

After the long break off, I started college. I was nervous but excited. My first day was great, I was with my friends, we laughed, we learned. The next day wasn’t so great, I didn’t like my media class very much (but it turns out I now really like media. It just wasn’t a great first impression.) and I didn’t like photography either (I still don’t, but I can cope with it.). But I really like English Language, my teacher is very kind, the people on my table are hilarious and the overall atmosphere is great. I have also been able to do a lot more exercises since joining college as I walk along the river a lot.

There have been other great things too, like getting a new computer, making new friends online, discovering new YouTubers to watch (and something’s chat with), and sending a letter to my role model, Josh Hutcherson, who replied with a signed photo after I thought I’d sent it wrong. 

Just remember, although you may been going through tough times, there is always something to be happy about. The glass is half full.

Have a fun life! 🙂


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