We Don’t Need Labels to Identify Our Sexuality 

One of my dreams is to stand up on stage and tell an audience why having a label is not necessary, but first, I’ll state why here.

First off, I’m going to ask you a question. Do you like tea, coffee or both? If you drink tea, you don’t look at those who drink coffee and see them different to fellow tea drinkers (unless you’re joking around). There is no need for a coffee drinker to sit down with their family of tea drinkers and tell them that they only drink coffee. So why do we do that when it comes to sexuality?

Of course, it was natural for humans to be shocked when someone liked the same gender. It was seen as unnatural, people were scared to come out. But that was hundreds of years ago. It’s 2017, teenagers shouldn’t be scared to tell their friends and family that their ‘different’, they shouldn’t need to tell them at all. It’s not going to affect your brother in any way if you like a different sex to him.

I want you to think. Is it possible for you to think you’re 100% “straight”, but then come across someone of the same sex in 20 years and think “wow, I am attracted to this person”? Yes. That is very possible. Therefore we shouldn’t limit ourselves to one label. By doing that, we’re forcing our brain to believe that looking at anyone else sexually is wrong. But if you are ‘label-less’, it would still be a surprise, but it wouldn’t be seen as wrong.

People seem to forget that having a label is just an option. Like having 3 meals a day is just an option, or going to school is just an option. Because most people do it, people believe that they have to stick by these fake rules of society and make an official label for themselves. This, for example, means that celebrities feel the need to create ‘coming out’ videos, because their fans all think that this celebrity has and needs a label. But they don’t need a label.

So, with that said, I’m am official me. I do not have a label, I’m not going to stress over ‘finding out who I am’, I’m going to take on every day as it comes at me.

I am attracted to people. Enough said.

If you disagree or are confused with anything that I said, I’d love to hear from you. Comment down below your thoughts. Keep it friendly though, we’re all entitled to our own opinion.

Have a fun life! 🙂


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