Why I have social anxiety + feminism 

I haven’t always been socially awkward, before I went to high school I was friends wth pretty much everyone, (there were only 10 people in my year), I was only neverous around adults. I was shy. I didn’t know about expectations of boys, stereotypes of genders. Until I joined high school.

I was 11, I was terrified of everyone. I immediately felt like an outsider. I’m my first class, I was sat next to the coolest boy in the year. Tall, cool hair, handsome, confident, rude. I was terrified of him. I then realised that this is what is expected from boys. We’re expected to be buff, confident, manly. Throughout my first year at high school I was picked on for being the smallest person in the year. I had (have) a baby face, I didn’t (don’t) style my hair, I wasn’t fashionable, I always had my top button done up, my tie perfect, shirt tucked in. I was basically the ‘uncool’ kid. I felt incredibly insecure. This was the beginning of my social anxiety.

It’s wrong that there are expectations for men and women. What many people don’t realise is that there are stereotypes of men that put pressure on males like myself. Women are seen as the passive gender due to their stereotypes, such as being vulnerable, delicate and mothers. Thus meaning that men are seen as the active gender. Dominant, strong, businessmen. I don’t have any of these traits. In fact, I have the female traits (apart from being a mother, of course).

I’m not saying that women shouldn’t want to be mothers or men shouldn’t have successful jobs, I saying that men and women should be expected to look after their children, men and women should have successful jobs. But we shouldn’t have separate expectations. We should have the same expectations. Such as treating one another with respect.

So all in all, I got social anxiety because of gender stereotypes. That is why I really want to make a change. I want equality to be a ‘thing’ while I am on this planet (I’m moving to Pluto, planet equality!)

Have a fun life! 🙂


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  1. Seems like forever since you have posted! Love the post my friend! Love to see the fire lit up inside of you. Make the world what you believe it should be.
    Don’t forget I might be far away…. like across the pond but I love you just the way you are.
    So never change my friend 😘

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