My sexuality: Who I am.

For the past few ‘My sexuality’ posts, I’ve been saying that I’m finally happy with the label I’m giving myself, here’s the list of the labels I’ve given myself over the past few years:

Straight (default I guess)

Gender Neutral (I didn’t really know what it meant)

Straight (again)

Heteroflexible (I was very confident with this one)

Hetero-romantic bisexual (again, pretty confident)

No label (where we are now)

I know for sure that I am not going to officially label myself. But I noticed that throughout this rollercoaster of emotions, I realised that I never said I was bisexual. This surprised me, as many of the labels I planned to give myself were close to that. I always said that bisexual was a very vague label, and ones like Heteroflexible or Hetero-romantic bisexual were more accurate, which is true. But I realised that there doesn’t need to be ‘more accurate’ versions, or any at all.

If I had to explain my sexuality, I’d say that I like men and women. However in very different ways. I’ve never really met any boy that I’ve wanted to date. However there are girls that I’ve wanted to date, there is currently one at the moment. On the other hand, there are many male celebrities that I find attractive, but not many female celebrities.

I’m not sure if I want to be like the attractive male celebs, or just fancy them.

I’m also much more picky with girls, I don’t like objectifying them, I must find out their personality before I decide whether I fancy them or not. But with guys, I base it more on looks, but I also don’t ever consider dating them. It’s complicated, let me try to simplify it:


Met in person: Not much attraction

Celebrities: Attraction OR I want to be like them


Met in person: Some attraction, but picky

Celebrities: Not much attraction

I know I shouldn’t need to explain myself, but I wanted to get that off my chest, I’m yet to tell my family, but I feel like it don’t really need to. It won’t affect their lives. But maybe I should just give them a heads up.

Have a fun life! 🙂


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