Monthly Archives: January, 2018

Body Dysmorphia

Oh look another mental illness to add to the list. Once again, this is something i didn’t know i had. I just used to think that i was a typical boy, insecure about his body. But i started thinking differently after I realised i can’t even show my body in front of my own family, …

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The Manchester Bombings: My Experience

I’m sorry to start 2018 off with negativity, but I realised that I never did a blog about this, so here it is. On the 22nd May 2017, a concert in Manchester was a target of a terrorist attack, the attack killed 22 people, including children as young as 8, and injuring hundreds. That morning, …

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There are some things I’d like to do with my blog this year, here are a few: YouTube: I’m planning on starting a YouTube channel in which I talk to the camera about things similar to here, but more spontaneous and real. Possibly helping others as well. Stories: I might start wring short stories, as …

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