Body Dysmorphia

Oh look another mental illness to add to the list.

Once again, this is something i didn’t know i had. I just used to think that i was a typical boy, insecure about his body. But i started thinking differently after I realised i can’t even show my body in front of my own family, when we were on holiday, i spent the entire time in the swimming pool with my arms wrapped around my body, i didn’t even realise i was doing it until my mother noticed it.

I first found out about Body Dysmorphia from Shane Dawson, who also has this condition, however there is one difference between him and me. Shane grew up overweight and, once he lost all the weight (well done, Shane), he got obsessed with keeping his body in shape and felt like his body was always wrong. I didn’t have this problem, I’ve never had a true problem with my body, yes i was a chubby baby, but everyone goes through that, right?

I am actually pretty happy with my body, I am in good shape, I have abs, gaining chest muscle, some body hair, maybe a bit skinny but nothing to worry about, so what is the problem?

Then i thought that maybe that is the problem, I have the body of an attractive teenager, but my face is the opposite, now I’m not saying I’m ugly, but i don’t have the face of a teenager my age, people are usually surprised when i say i am 17, they expect me to be 15, maybe even 14, and my height doesn’t help. So if i took my shirt off in front of these people and they saw abs and chest hair, they’d be surprised, maybe even uncomfortable…

It’s really hard to explain, i don’t know anyone else who has this problem, i just feel like body doesn’t match my face, i guess.

Anyway, I believe that i am starting to mature in the facial area, maybe facial hair would help.

Have a fun life! 🙂


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